Salumificio Sabbione since 1928

Sabbione Cooked Ham

since 1928

Superior quality

Ham size availability: 2kg / 3,5kg / 7,5kg approx.

Gluten free, Lactose free, Milk protein free.

Only cooked ham, or better, only one cooked ham! All our work is concentrated on a single product for a final product of superior quality.

Our cooked ham and its unmistakable characterstics – fragance, richness of flavour and softness – is the result of the secrets of an ancient recipe combined with modern production processes.
Three qualities that offer unique pleasures and sensations for the palate – even the most demanding.

However, we do not like to rest on our laurels, and we continue working to improve our product, in a continual search for perfection.

Today, as in the past

For forty years we have prepared our ham in Cuquello, a little district of Sardigliano, in Alessandria province.

Our family has specialized in the production of this product since the early Seventies, when we decided to abandon the sale of meat to concentrate on the creation of a cooked ham of the highest quality.

Today, as in the past, the passion that drives us is the same: we continue to produce artisanally, using a jealously guarded recipe.